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Booking main saison courses via the online shop is cheeper than booking at site!

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Our categories / skiing levels:

Level 5 = total beginner, first time on ski

Level 4 = able to do a snowplough (pizza piece) or single curve on a flat rope, SAVE braking, rope lift

Level 3 = able to do snowplough-curves in a row, save braking, blue slopes (also outside the children area), able to use a t-bar (anker) lift

Level 2 = must be able to drive on red slopes, good in doing (fast) curves in the snowplough or starting to make parallel (carving) turns in parts of the red slope, safe use of t-bar (anker) lifts

Level 1 = master class, must be able to ski parallel on all red and black slopes

Please absolutely choose the right category / skiing level for your children!

If you have to decide between two levels, please always choose the lower one. It is possible to change to a higher group/level if necessary on site.

If we must send children to lower groups or even remove them from the group because of false information (age, skiing level) no money will be refunded.

Liftticket/Equipment is not included.


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